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Zhejiang Quanlian Supply-Chain Management Co., Ltd.
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        Zhejiang Quanlian Supply-Chain Management Co., Ltd. registered in 2015. It owns for main departments - platform business division, Baina business division, Zhenghang business division and Bisheng business division.The company is located in the world's largest commodity distribution center - Yiwu. It is set at the prime location of the North Road in Yiwu, adjacent to the international trade city and downtown business district. Its geographical position is superior, the traffic is very convenient.The company has begun to take shape in Zhejiang Province with strong brand awareness and good reputation in the market. It will strive to become a well-known company in the freight industry in Zhejiang province."Sincere love and care for Quanlian, a warm and comfortable family!" Looking forward to the future, the enterprise is committed to making the company brand famous all around each corner in Zhejiang markets.

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