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How to use the Internet to innovate the international supply chain logistics industry
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With the occupation of the Jingdong, Taobao such a giant to C terminal electricity supplier in the field, facing the small and medium sized business opportunities for more and less, but at the end of a to B, severe vertical B2B business platform and is favored by the market and capital. At the same time, the objective of these traditional areas of business customers really have the opportunity to be the Internet penetration.

Want to change is the traditional international supply chain logistics market, through the B2B business model, trade export enterprise (the owner) and freight forwarders (freight) online matchmaking transaction. Currently has access to source A round of investment. Fixed point technology this interview to Zhou Shihao, where the founder.

Shi Hao Zhou from the university after graduation in the field of international trade, then moved to the international supply chain logistics industry, in the process he also saw the pain and chance of the industry as a whole, make the final founded to which.

Zhou Shihao believes that the entire international supply chain logistics field there are two pain points. First is the entire industry, although the rapid development of domestic logistics trade, but the market on the traditional international supply chain logistics enterprises (freight) value realization mode is misplaced. As a service industry, its source of profit is not the service itself, but rather the difference in the price of goods made by the carrier. In fact, they did not look for the owner to provide the supply chain logistics service quality.

And the current situation of the industry is reflected in the enterprise itself, it is the enterprise mostly homogeneous competition, management and operation efficiency is very low. Zhou Shihao said that China is currently about 120000 to 15 international freight companies, but few companies can achieve the level of globalization, on the one hand limited to the domestic market competition, on the other hand, the overall low level of information on domestic enterprises, the expansion of the entire enterprise can not bring the same marginal cost.

Which is to be shipped to solve these pain points, to compare themselves to Jingdong, electricity suppliers mode with the Internet, so that the price is more transparent, and the establishment of the credibility of both sides of the system, with a platform to monitor logistics services, so that the entire industry more efficient.

However, compared with the electricity supplier for C, B2B electricity supplier's value logic difference. For example, the actual commodity trading in the East and the user to get the subject matter, and then compared with the original, the entire transaction process is completed. But tob modes, especially international logistics, the owner on the platform bought a service, actually it is just beginning, then this service tracking, supervision, customer service is a part of the product, so the service product transaction itself is rear, if to do a good job of the intermediate links, the user would have to rely, on the contrary, it does not reflect the value of Internet business platform.

Carry out which is currently on the three levels of service security:

First, product visualization. A major advantage of the electronic business platform is the full display of all the information of the goods, in this regard, the transport to the seller and the buyer to fully demonstrate, credit and past transactions can be seen. In addition to order visualization, so that the transaction can be real-time query to the transaction link.

Second, information collection. The public institutions of logistics information collection, integration, which can query to the Chinese port of shipment of the goods information.

Third, customer service system. Traditional international supply chain logistics of a lot of nodes on the level of information is very low, which for this part of the environment to use artificial services, tracking the corresponding link of data information, input to the system.

It is worth noting that, which is not a completely light platform, it also has proprietary business, Zhou Shihao said, the traditional international supply chain logistics in some of the environment has a very high degree of socialization, the resources are relatively full, but the power of enterprises scattered, such as trailers and customs, these things we find and not as good as they do straight camp, which is similar to the self logistics jingdong. In addition to the direct camp, but also to find a number of high quality trailers, customs partners to provide services."of course, the industry in many places the socialization degree is still very low, trading standards and it is difficult to carry out, do self almost impossible, so the platform of shippers and freight forwarding to match, "let logic and reality Internet logic to achieve a balance."

Where the current main for small business customers, they will be willing to be willing to trade on the platform for cost considerations.

For the future development planning, Zhou Shihao said that the first is the improvement of the entire product system, in addition, the self and the integration of resources is essential to the line.

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